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750 West D Avenue| Kingman, Kansas 67068
  • This is a picture of nurse and doctors with their hands in the middle of all of them.
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Mission Statement

Exceptional Healthcare to Every Patient, Every Time

Vision Statement

Be the facility of choice by leading wellness through innovation, partnerships, compassion, & quality


Patients Come First


TEAMWORK: In an environment of trust and cooperation, we are committed to working together to promote a positive relationship between those we serve and those providing service.

HEALING: We strive to create a safe environment that meets patient's expectations and hopes for health recovery and healing.

RESPECT: We are committed to treating all patients with dignity and an acknowledgment of their value. We will create a culture of respect among our coworkers by listening to understand, keeping our promises, and expressing our gratitude towards one another.

INNOVATION: We strive to explore, design, and implement new approaches to improve the quality of life for all persons.

VIRTUE: Our responsibility is to maintain the highest standards of behavior and morality to encompass honest ethics and to the right things for the right reasons.

EXCELLENCE: We are in the business of healthCARE, so we commit to not only keeping a patient safe physically but keeping a patient safe emotionally.