Patient Information

Telephone Services

Every patient has his/her own phone and direct dial phone number. The direct dial number is located on top of each phone. To call out, dial 9 for an outside dial tone. A credit card must be used to make long distance calls.


Channel 13 is a patient education channel on each television in the facility.

Waiting Areas

Main Lobby:
The Main Lobby is located west of Admissions. A television, telephone, snack machine and pop machine are available.

Outdoor Courtyard:
The outdoor courtyard is accessible from the Main Lobby.

Family Room and Chapel:
The Family Room and Chapel are located in Hall 5.

A smoking area is located outside of the door at the end of Hall 5.


Wheelchairs are available at the hospital entrance areas, or they may be requested at the nurses station.

Public Restrooms and Drinking Fountains

Restrooms and drinking fountains are located between Admissions and the Main Lobby, to the west of the Emergency Room, and in Hall 5.

Notary Services

Notary services are available to patients at no charge. To contact a Notary Public, request information from your caregiver.

Free Wi-Fi is provided for our patients.


"Quality Care, Close to Home"

Primary Care Clinics

The providers at Medical Arts Center, Cunningham Clinic, and Donley Memorial Clinic provide services for patients of all ages. All three clinics are conveniently located so you can stay close to home.

Specialized Care

KCH offers a variety of services which allow patients to stay close to home for their healthcare needs such as: cardiac rehab, physical therapy, pain management, mammography, and many more.