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Rehab Services

At Kingman Community Hospital's Rehab Services Department, your recovery from surgery, disease or injury is guided by your own personal team; a team made up of your physician, your therapist, and-most importantly- you.

Your rehab team is focused on restoring optimal function, implementing your physician's treatment plan to restore your daily activities of home and work life. Their goal is to improve your movement, coordination, endurance, mobility and strength.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy improves ambulation, joint motion and strength, and decreases pain of the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Spinal decompression, which is computerized traction, is also available for spinal pain. The Physical Therapist will work with you to restore maximum movement and functional ability following disease, injury or surgery.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy specializes in the rehabilitation of the upper extremities, particularly the wrist and hand. Fluidotherapy is also available for hand therapy patients. It is used for pain management in conjunction with therapeutic exercises. The Occupational Therapist's goal is to work with you to regain your independence in daily living, at work, and during leisure activities.

Occupational Rehab Services

The Rehab Services Department knows the importance of the prevention and management of work-related injuries. KCH therapists are certified by ErgoScience, authorizing them to handle all aspects of occupational medicine including post-hire screens, workplace injuries, preventative services and wellness programs.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy may become necessary following trauma or because of a disability. Problems may arise with ability to swallow, speak, or process information. Speech therapy helps rehabilitate these lost functions, thus improving quality of life.


Justina Kostner, PT, Director of Rehab Services
Phone: (620) 532-0269
Fax: (620) 532-0263


"Quality Care, Close to Home"

Primary Care Clinics

The providers at Medical Arts Center, Cunningham Clinic, and Donley Memorial Clinic provide services for patients of all ages. All three clinics are conveniently located so you can stay close to home.

Specialized Care

KCH offers a variety of services which allow patients to stay close to home for their healthcare needs such as: cardiac rehab, physical therapy, pain management, mammography, and many more.