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The Kingman Community Hospital Foundation (KCH Foundation) is a non-profit, endowment organization established for the promotion of healthcare. Its purpose is to encourage on-going support of Kingman Community Hospital and the surrounding healthcare environment.

The KCH Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization and money given to the Foundation is tax deductible from both Kansas State and Federal income taxes.

Board Members:

Ted Geisert, Chairman
John Boyer, Treasurer
Shannan Flach, CEO Kingman Community Hospital
Pat Maloney
Jack Meyers
Cleland McBurney
Roland Belcher
Tim Price
Steve Witty


"Quality Care, Close to Home"

Primary Care Clinics

The providers at Medical Arts Center, Cunningham Clinic, and Donley Memorial Clinic provide services for patients of all ages. All three clinics are conveniently located so you can stay close to home.

Specialized Care

KCH offers a variety of services which allow patients to stay close to home for their healthcare needs such as: cardiac rehab, physical therapy, pain management, mammography, and many more.